Consulting and design

One of the most important pillars for designing and implementing shop decoration is visiting the place, taking a map of the environment, examining and consulting on the separation and division of space.
Tarheshel With the advice and design and use of up-to-date tools for roleve and using the knowledge of the day, the engineers of the architect provide this necessary precision and supervision, and then, taking into account the type of activity and the need of the employer, the necessary platform For making and implementing stages for decoration, the shop provides.
When an implementation plan is taken into account, the ability to produce according to the existing materials as well as the specialized forces dominated by production and related devices are all included.
In modern design, the communication and coordination of all the elements of the shop environment are among the most important issues that help each item approach the store to the ideal environment for sales help.
Among the above, one can mention the materials of the floor, the ceiling, the walls of the walls, the color and the lighting, the division of the spaces and the proper layout, which is one of the most important executive parts of the shop, each of which in the arrangement and special effects of the decor Play a significant role.
The moving and rotating space of the shop is defined by the type of brand and product supply.
That means, in stores where the variety of products is high, the space to sit for Fitting shoes and Fitting clothing, as well as the space to have access to clothes stands and the deployment of a person front of clothes stands to select a product should be enough space.
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Tarheshel group is one of the few full service decoration service providers, interior decoration, home and so on, such as:

♦ Consulting and design
♦ Execution of Dropped ceiling and Dropped walls with Drywall system
♦ Painting with picco system
♦ Wiring and lighting
♦ Making decoration devices (metal and MDF)
♦ Installation services