design and consult

مشاوه و نظارت دکوراسیون

Advising and overseeing the work of the project and providing a beautiful and perfect product of the major activities of the Tarheshel complex.

The Tarheshel Group has been able to produce and execute the needs of respectable employers in accordance with the maps and images of the place and prove its ability to carry out successful projects in line with global standards.

All stages of design, production and execution under the supervision and control of the regulatory units of Tarheshel, By using and utilizing the most up-to-date materials with reputable equipment and devices with well-known brands such as Germany Altendorf, Germany Hebrok, Italy Besse in the wood and MDF industry, Amada Japan, and Germany Bosch Hert in the metal industry.

Designing and implementing a variety of architectural styles of the world according to your desire in the field of interior decoration, facade, landscaping, ceiling and false wall, cabinet design for residential, commercial, office, sports, production in the company.

We hope that the trustworthy employers and the efforts of the Tarheshel group will be a positive step in the growth and development of the decoration industry.

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