Interior Design

The interior design is a synchronization designed to make the colors, furniture and other objects in an artistic room or building.
When we talk about the interior design, we are talking about creating ideas and designing spaces related to our place of residence.
The beginning of the design of decorations as a profession in the early twentieth century, which became less and more serious, and continued to be specialized.
In interior design, designers should design spaces that cover all the needs of individuals, so that their feelings are dominated.
An interior design designer should explore a wide range of our needs and Emotional connection with the environment, and apply a wide range of our skills and knowledge in design.
Among the tools used in designing interior decoration or in the shop, one can mention the fabric, materials, colors, the relationship of spaces with each other, and the dimensions of each of these and planning in the functional spaces.
The tools and programs that a designer use to create works can play a significant role in their creation.
Including design software such as AutoCAD, 3D max, Sketch, Rhino, Maya, etc. in 2D and 3D space.
In order to create an appropriate interior design, the cooperation of interior designers with the employees of the participants, architects, engineers (civil, structural, mechanical), handicrafts and furniture representatives who are all closely related to the creation and construction of a work can play a significant role in the implementation of an interior And the interior design is suitable.

The role of light in the design of interior decoration

The interior decoration is the relationship between elements that comprise spaces that contain these elements.
Light, the connection between texture, color, and the size of these spaces, assumes an effective interior decoration, because the observation of all of these elements is done by light and plays in our minds.
The use of appropriate optical instruments in the right place in space is one of the most important role of light.
In internal decoration, light is usually found in the casing or in the wall, and occasionally on the floor. The intensity and type of light in white, cold, warm, and jaundice are also one of the things that help us create an attractive interior decoration.
Nowadays, in the stores interior decoration, light are mainly used in higher levels of objects and elements, and they are placed in a wide range of optical environments.
The lights are aimed at creating an element of attractiveness. In most brands, the lights are linear and spin-friendly in their environment.
Let’s not forget, apart from the type of light, the material used in the environment where the light is emitted should also be aligned with the light source.
This material, either alone, with light reflection, or with the help of color and the appearance change, reveal the environmental and material attractiveness of the curvature and shape.

The role of color in the interior design

Colors in our lives have a significant role to play, so that without regard to them and also not using them, they cause problems in personal and social life.
It’s best to use colors for emotionally communication in interior design.
The colors you use in interior design and decoration will definitely affect the space created, and you need to properly evaluate them before choosing the colors.

نقش رنگ در دکوراسیون داخلی

Colors change their nature by varying their tonalities and in combination with other colors. In fact, for the selection of a color, the only criterion for placing a particular element of the interior design is not enough.
Because you have to consider more. The colors of the happy one change the atmosphere of the atmosphere. In fact, as a general rule, it can be said that these colors represent the larger and brighter the space, while the warm colors are show the environment smaller.
Tarheshel with recognizes the colors and their properties, as well as the rules of their combination together, creates a beautiful decorating for balancing space, home and shop.
In the store interior design, a wide range of materials are used, which are used in accordance with their application and attractiveness.
Tarheshel is full service designers from the beginning to the project delivery. (Destruction, restoration, production and execution).
Below is a sample of designing decoration works by the Tarheshel Group.

Delsey Shop Interior Design
Debenhams Shop Interior Design
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