Superdry Shop Interior Design

The superdry brand is one of the UK's leading brands. This brand has also used Japanese writing on its logo for inspiring some of its concepts from Japan.
The entry of this brand to Iran in 2016, its first branch in north ofTehran, was implemented by the Tarheshel group.
35% of the products produced in this branch were produced by this group. The brand has dedicated its products to women and men.
Due to the variety of Superdry products and the breadth of products, they have used various materials and design elements suitable for their retail space. Which can be called the introduction of modern techniques in the decoration industry.
The Tarheshel Group was able to produce and execute the products intended for this brand. And it's proud to have Superdry's partnership with more than four branches.
The materials used in this brand are based on a new and modern design style including metal, MDF, wood, concrete.The presence of each of these elements together in order to bring the best formulation to produce the product.
Currently, this brand operates in Tehran and Shiraz.