Shop Decoration


The most part of the Tarheshel group activity is in the field of shop decoration.Shop interior design According to the entry of European brands in Iran, the group first began to equip and install decoration equipment and in the next step, by learning the techniques and technology of European and continuing in production, the approval and requirements of European observers to produce and successfully Run.

طراحی دکوراسیون فروشگاهی دلسی طرح اشل

Delsey Shop Interior Design

Delsey Shop Interior Designded by the French Delsey company, which was developed and implemented by Tarheshel for the first time.
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دکور فروشگاهی ریباک طرح اشل

Reebok Shop Decoration Design

Reebok Decoration for the first time in 2010 in Shiraz and in an area of over 350 square meters was designed and implemented according to the concept of Reebak by the Tarheshel group.
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دکوراسیون فروشگاهی سوپردرای طرح اشل

Superdry Shop Interior Design

The entry of this brand to Iran is in 2016, its first branch in north of Tehran, was implemented by the Tarheshel group. 35% of the products produced in this branch were produced by this group.
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دکور فروشگاه آدیداس

Adidas Shop Interior Design

In Adidas interior design, we see a good combination of shop decoration. This brand according to the growing trend of shop designing ,provide its store product.
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دکوراسیون فروشگاه ریباک تهران

Tehran Reebok Shop Interior Design

The Tarheshel group is one of the first manufacturers of the Reebok brand design in Iran. The number of branches executed by the Tarheshel.
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H&M Shop Interior Design

The shop decoration has a huge impact on your sales. Take care of the quality of the store design and beauty. The Tarheshel group in 2016, produced and implemented the H&M brand at the Artemis Commercial Center in Tehran.
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پروژه ها

Puntroma Shop Interior Design

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