store interior design

طراحی دکوراسیون فروشگاهی

The store decoration design comes from many features. One of the most important features of design is the implementation of the project.
Once the implementation plan is taken, the production capacity will be taken with regard to the existing materials as well as the specialized forces dominated by production and related devices.
The store decoration design in Iran, with the arrival of brands of different countries, took a new shape and affected the quality of lighting and the color of the store to the design and production.
In modern design, the communication and coordination of all the elements of the shop environment are among the most important issues that help each item approach the store to the ideal environment for sales.
Among the things mentioned above, one can mention the materials of the floor, the ceiling, the wall coverings, the color and the lighting, the division of spaces and the proper layout, which is one of the most important parts of the store, each of which in the arrangement and special effect The decor of the store plays a significant role.
The moving and rotating space of the store is defined by the type of brand and product supply.
This means that in stores where the variety of products is high.To sit for fitting shoes and fitting dresses, There should also be enough space for customer access to clothing stores and the placement of a person from the stalls to select a product.
All stages of design, production and execution under the supervision and control of the regulatory units of Tarheshel, By using and utilizing the most up-to-date materials with reputable equipment and devices with well-known brands such as Germany Altendorf, Germany Hebrok, Italy Besse in the wood and MDF industry, Amada Japan, and Germany Bosch Hert in the metal industry.

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